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We are an Authorized Distributor for Standard Change,

Carrying their Full Line of credit card or cash accepting machines, and machines that will dispense bills, coins, tickets, tokens, and combinations.

We are your #1 online store for Bill Changers, Token Dispensers, Ticket Dispensers and Bill to Bill Breakers


Reasons to choose a Standard Change Machine!

  • Sturdy & Rugged Construction - heavy gauge steel, solid welded seams, no rivets or spot welds
  • Steel Coin Hoppers - our coin dispensers have steel housings, direct drive motors that don't require lubrication or replacement of belts or chains
  • Plug & Play Optional Features - we start with "simple function", and build from there. Allowing you to choose the best features for the way you prefer to do business.
  • Proven Service Support - Standard's Service Dept. has been supporting machines that have been in the field for 20 years or more. Knowledgeable and experienced technicians are backing up our products.
  • Two Year Limited Warranty


Order Online! We accept...

Purchases Orders Accepted from US Government Agencies, Public Schools, all other agencies call for details (812-885-9009)