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11. Credit Card Acceptance: Tickets / Tokens



Optional credit processing available.

Dial-UP Datacap Systems DialTran
IP Internet-based Datacap Systems IPTran
NX-Cellular or Internet-based Nayax AMIT 3.0 and VPOS reader (MDB kit)
EP-Cellulare or Internet-Based USA Technologies ePort Reader and G-10-S device (MDB kit)
CP- Wireless CryptoPay Reader and Crypto Connect Device (MDB kit)
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MC-350RL-Tik-CC- Credit Card Acceptance to Ticket Dispenser


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MC-550RL- Credit Card & Cash Acceptance Dispenses Tickets


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MC550RLTik-CC Credit Card Acceptance Dispenses Tickets

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MC315RL-CC Token
MC315RL-CC Credit Card to Token Dispenser


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MC525RL-CC Token
MC525RL-CC Credit Card Acceptance, Token Dispensing


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MC535RL-CC Token
MC535RL-CC Token Credit Card & Cash to Token Dispenser


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