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BCX2010RL Rear Load / Single-Note Bill Dispenser Two Coin Hoppers


Rear Load / Single-Note Bill Dispenser
Two Coin Hoppers

Standard's BCX - Bill-and-Coin Exchanger Series machines are designed to be "automated attendants", providing a combination of bill change AND coin change. For example, our default pay-out allows a customer to insert a $20 bill, and the machine dispenses (20) Quarters and (3) $5 bills. Excellent locations for Bill-and-Coin Exchanger machines are attended or unattended coin laundries, card laundries, car washes, museums, zoos and aquariums, paid parking lots; anywhere that would allow more customer convenience by breaking higher denomination bills into smaller denomination bills and coins that can be used in your business services. Why make your customers break their $20 bills into quarters only?

The BCX2010RL features the Fujitsu F50 - Single-Note Bill Dispenser in a rear load cabinet style. This dispenser allows the owner to load the bills vertically, directly into the dispenser. The BCX2010RL is programmed to dispense the pay-out you specify using our Expanded Function (EF) Module. If you wish to have a more sophisticated pay-out, you can change it in the field with the EF Modulee. Contact your local Standard Change-Makers Distributor for more information on these machines.

BCX2010RL Change Machine Features:

  • Rear Load configuration for Bill-and-Coin Exchange
  • (1) MEI (Mars) Bill Acceptor - accepts $1 - $20 Bills - with 500 Bills Stacker(Coinco Vantage, Pyramid APEX and Cashcode Currenza available)
  • EF+ Expanded Function Mod.(with remote notification)
  • (1) Single-Note Fujitsu F50 Bill Dispenser - holds from 750 (used) to 1,000 (new) Bills
  • (2) Steel, Modular Series Coin Hoppers - holds up to 6,400 Quarters ($1,600 capacity)
  • Heavy gauge steel cabinets with solid-welded seams (no rivets or spot welds)
  • High gloss, powder-coat enamel paint finish with applied Lexan graphics decal
  • (2) T-handle Locks with Ace Lock Plugs
  • One Year Warranty on Fujitsu Bill Dispenser unit
  • Two Year Limited Warranty
  • Made in the USA
ACCEPTS: $1 | $5 | $10 | $20
DISPENSES: One Denomination of Bills; and One or Two Denominations of Coins
BILLS CAPACITY: Bills: 750 (Used) - 1,000 (New) Bills
COINS CAPACITY: 6,400 Quarters ($1,600)
DIMENSIONS: 36"H x 18"W x 18"D
Add 2 to all four sides for face-plate dimensions
SHIP WEIGHT: 230 lbs.
Price: $5,972.00

Select Your Options:

 Mars Bill Acceptor $1-$100 +$195.00
 Mars 700 Bill Stacker Upgrade +$80.00
 Mars 1,000 Bill Stacker Upgrade +$90.00
 Mounting Bracket Kit +$60.00
 Rear Door "Out of Service" +$45.00
 EF+ Expanded Function Mod.(with remote notification)
 Portable Audit Printer +$530.00
 Heater Strip with Thermostate +$190.00
 Over Sized FacePlate +$200.00

Option Descriptions:

Mars Bill Acceptor $1-$100
Mars 700 Bill Stacker Upgrade
Mars 1,000 Bill Stacker Upgrade
Mounting Bracket Kit
Rear Door "Out of Service"
EF+ Expanded Function Mod.(with remote notification)
Portable Audit Printer
Heater Strip with Thermostate
Over Sized FacePlate

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